We want everyone to enjoy their time at New Dimensions Health Club including our youngest guests. While you make use of the gym facilities, our fully supervised child minding crèche is a fun space equipped with a great variety of toys, activities and play equipment which your little one/s will love whilst being looked after by our caring staff.


Creche bookings are now run like classes. Each session starts at a particular time and runs for a set duration. Refer to timetable below for our current operating hours. We do intend to go back to our previous structure, please refer to this page for updates



Crèche bookings will be 60 or 90 mins ONLY (varies)
No bookings over the phone
Maximum one day in advance bookings, If you are unable to get a booking for the following day we will let you have one booking of your choice in advance
All children must be your children, no relatives, friends etc.
No casual creche visits
We accommodate children from 12 weeks old
Parent/carer to provide labelled snacks and water for each child (no nuts, eggs or fast food please)
For the health and wellbeing of all who use our facilities, unwell children cannot be cared for by the crèche
Children must be immunised